Ignite EdTech Podcast

April 9 2021 - Episode 44

April 09, 2021 Craig Kemp Season 2 Episode 44
Ignite EdTech Podcast
April 9 2021 - Episode 44
Show Notes

April 9 2021 - Episode 44

The Ignite EdTech Podcast with @mrkempnz

1. Introduction
Question for you - How do you ensure that your learners have opportunities to create and make, rather than just consume?
3. EdTech Tool of the Week - Living Tree
EdTech Tip of the Week - Creativity in the Workplace
5. Interview with Jornea Armant and Tony Vincent
Win this weeks prize (3x Shapegrams Memberships) by going to bit.ly/edtechwin and completing the short form (Competition ends 9am SGT on Wednesday 14 April).
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